Call for Unity via Religious Herald

<<Why is it so difficult to help a brother or sister or congregation along if they are not like me or mine? Despite our words that say there is, why is there not truly room for everyone at the table? The real table is one that is not ours, but one at which Christ is the host, which means the invitation is his to make. Yet, we, although merely guests ourselves, feel we can extend or retract the invitation? How so? How is it that I got invited to this big table with lots of room? 

What is good in me? Am I holy enough? Righteous enough? Right enough?

Only Jesus is; not me. I’m only as right and good and righteous as God has remade me. And I need fellow travelers to see me as the well-intentioned, Jesus-bound, broken refugee that I am. So does every other journeyman, journeywoman and congregation.  Please, let us receive from one another what light we have to offer. >>